New Meretz MK, Dr. Tsvia Greenfeld: The extremist right is waging a war on the Jewish religion

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Tsvia GreenfeldMeretz MK, Dr. Tsvia Greenfeld (who entered the Knesset following the recent resignation of Yossi Beilin from political life), came out strongly this week against the extremist settlers known as the "hilltop youth". Dr. Greenfeld, the first ultra-orthodox woman to serve in the Knesset, told the Maariv newspaper: "If the ‘hilltop youth' in Hebron is talking about a religious war, well then it's the war being waged by the extreme right against the Jewish religion and all that it stands for."

Greenfeld elaborated: "The attempt by the ‘hilltop youth', which is operating as a representative of the settlers, to prevent the evacuation of the ‘House of Contention' is aimed solely at imposing by force the political goals of their political camp, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the values of Judaism."

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